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Name:MGS Tactical Espionage Dressing Room
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Welcome to the Tactical Espionage Dressing Room, VR Fission Mailed. This is a simple place where MGS fans can just have noncommittal roleplay and test drive various Metal Gear characters and have them interact for fun, try out several plots, live out their crack pairing kinks or just generally goof around.
Unlike the old Fission Mailed, this dressing room takes place in a virtual reality world similar to the premise of the old Metal Gear Solid VR missions. The Patriots' AIs, (J.D, G.W, T.J, T.R and A.L) have decided to take their collective data to create this new reality in hopes of training today's super soldiers. That means that every person here in this world is accidentally trapped here thanks to the A.Is. Much like the VR Missions, there's various goals and objectives to complete in hopes of breaking out from the A.I's control.

However, it won't be easy.
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